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Strategy Tester Report
goodway 1.00
FXOpen-Demo STP (Build 1090)

SymbolEURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Period1 Hour (H1) 2014.01.02 01:00 - 2018.01.31 23:00 (2014.01.01 - 2018.02.01)
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
ParametersLot=0.1; AutoLots=true; Risk=35; MaxNumbPatterns=7; Gmt=2; Magic=26777; CloseAll=false;
Bars in test25830Ticks modelled79444165Modelling quality90.00%
Mismatched charts errors54
Initial deposit10000.00Spread20
Total net profit398208.53Gross profit699180.20Gross loss-300971.67
Profit factor2.32Expected payoff190.26
Absolute drawdown1083.04Maximal drawdown66505.47 (20.32%)Relative drawdown27.86% (28553.45)
Total trades2093Short positions (won %)1514 (77.28%)Long positions (won %)579 (70.12%)
Profit trades (% of total)1576 (75.30%)Loss trades (% of total)517 (24.70%)
Largestprofit trade17966.53loss trade-7072.60
Averageprofit trade443.64loss trade-582.15
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)29 (991.63)consecutive losses (loss in money)5 (-17493.20)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)23130.63 (2)consecutive loss (count of losses)-19321.79 (4)
Averageconsecutive wins4consecutive losses1
The backtest results FXGoodway EURUSD is very profitable Forex trading system